Happy Birthday Amalia

by annadelaurier

I am not the average unmarried young mother. I am still privileged with the love and financial support of my parents who could have chosen to treat me differently. I have been able to stay in school and work as a nanny over the past year and am blessed to have had the opportunity to bring my daughter to work and have Max’s immense help with childcare so I could attend class.
Amalia has taught me much about myself and about life as a whole. She has a wonderful sense of curiosity, joy, and expression. I want to imitate her in these aspects instead of forgetting that life is full of wonder and I have opportunities to grow each day. Her first birthday gave me a chance to reminisce on my mistakes as well as my successes as a mother, which was a mostly joyful reflection. I have learned that I really don’t know much of anything, but allowing myself to be open to the flow of each day will benefit myself and those around me. Marrying Max, participating in the Church, earning a degree in nursing, and being a mother are some of my roles in life. Within these, my aim is to release the things I cannot control and let all of my actions be in accordance with Love. I regret that I have not been very successful in either of these aspects thus far.