Go Bullfrawgs; a crowdsourcing endeavor

by annadelaurier

After researching and partially understanding Fair Use and Parody laws, Maximos and I began advertising our newest product, Go Bullfrawgs T-shirts. The idea is that if we make 50 sales, we will order the shirts. However, if we do not make it to fifty, we have the excruciating task of sending a refund to each buyer. People use this method (crowdsourcing or crowdfunding) for all kinds of business endeavors and it’s supposed to motivate buyers to become advertisers. It’s really kind of exciting, yet nerve-racking at the same time. So now we wait and advertise for the next month until the deadline of December 1st hits. We have received great feedback and even some sales, but who knows where the next month will take us. To see what we are offering, check out our Etsy page at https://www.etsy.com/listing/208313748/go-bullfrawgs-t-shirt? or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bullfrawgs

We grew up in Athens, GA and are constantly bombarded by UGA paraphernalia and advertisements. Maximos is even a student there. This humorous take on the mascot will hopefully turn out to be a smashing success.