Loyal, Constant, Steadfast

by annadelaurier

I decided to compile a list of acts emitted by those who are faithful. I’m asking you to respond with affirmation, comments, contradictions, and additions to these items below.

Being Faithful:

    • Show up on time

    • Share the amount agreed upon

    • Be agreeable

    • Cease judgement

    • Listen before speaking

    • Do not cancel plans except in the case of emergency

    • Pray for increased faithfulness

    • Meet reasonable expectations

    • Stay organized

    • Avoid arguments

    • Embrace healthy confrontation

    • Seek peace

    • Spend and save money generously

    • Form consistent habits

    • Ask genuine questions

    • Remember details

    • Finish tasks

    • Communicate opinions

    • Return borrowed items

    • Know people’s stories

    • Regard others’ needs more highly than your own