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Month: July, 2014

Emperor’s Newest Clothes Explanation

My second article for Fr. Anthony Salzman.

What a glorious hope we have in our new clothes.


Theology in Color

Father Anthony Salzman of St. Philothea Greek Orthodox Church studied Byzantine Art in Thessaloniki, Greece for 6 years as part of his artistic training and is a talented Iconographer. He hired me to write for his business, Image and Likeness Iconography. Below is the first post, mainly highlighting what exactly an Orthodox Byzantine-style icon is and what the purpose of icons are. I hope you enjoy…

Theology in Color

Feel Free to Print and Attempt

Recently, Max opened my eyes to the joys of crossword puzzles, which in turn inspired me to create my own, which proved to be much more challenging and time-consuming than I had expected. Anyway, I don’t know if it’s any good, but feel free to print the attachment and try it out.


 Crossword 1

Loyal, Constant, Steadfast

I decided to compile a list of acts emitted by those who are faithful. I’m asking you to respond with affirmation, comments, contradictions, and additions to these items below.

Being Faithful:

    • Show up on time

    • Share the amount agreed upon

    • Be agreeable

    • Cease judgement

    • Listen before speaking

    • Do not cancel plans except in the case of emergency

    • Pray for increased faithfulness

    • Meet reasonable expectations

    • Stay organized

    • Avoid arguments

    • Embrace healthy confrontation

    • Seek peace

    • Spend and save money generously

    • Form consistent habits

    • Ask genuine questions

    • Remember details

    • Finish tasks

    • Communicate opinions

    • Return borrowed items

    • Know people’s stories

    • Regard others’ needs more highly than your own