by annadelaurier

How much time do we spend going in circles? In the small things, it’s rechecking the fridge to see what magically appeared after we shut the door the first three times. It’s that incessant “need” to check various forms of technology to see if someone important is trying to contact us…or even someone unimportant, someone we don’t care for. In real life, it’s going back to the same poisonous relationships that have never worked, but “this time is different.” It’s a teenaged girl yelling at her mother for the same thing she yelled about yesterday. It’s that nasty habit for which we hate ourselves, and yet we still go back to it for the fulfillment we’re looking for. We either want to be entertained or we want some sort of purpose. We need someone to tell us we are needed. Circles never end, so how do we break these cycles of self-loathing? How are we to imagine a life-style filled of peace when we have never experienced even a moment without worry?

We are people of progress; we like forward motion. Whatever we progress in, whether it be edifying or not, we like to keep moving. When do we get to a point where we know we are moving in the right direction? How are we supposed to be still and know He is Lord while in motion?

What satisfies our souls? Who is our master?