Times Are Too Good

by annadelaurier

“I’ve been wondering today what God is doing. I am fairly upset as the day has progressed that I don’t have enough to complain about … I have a big concern though, if God keeps passing on these blessings in my life, what difficulties am I going to be able to blog about?”
My brilliant, old father fed me these lines as the theme of my next post, so I’m going with it…

It does seem that most things in my life are adding up quite nicely. I feel blessed to say that I have had dark times, darker than dark, and now I am able to praise God for how he has provided. Less than two years ago, I strongly believed my life would mean nothing in the end, that it would end without ever beginning. Now I face the reality that God is good, while I failed to see that before. I have been redeemed. The power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead lives inside me.

I suppose that is all I can say. God is good. Nothing else compares.
The end.