by annadelaurier

Sometimes I feel unsure about 90% of what goes on in my life. It’s a grand feeling. It is only when I let go of my pride, selfishness, and anxiety so I can trust God’s provision that I experience that 10% of assurance.
In Gulu, Uganda, we walked to a rock quarry not too far from the village we were working in to see the people there. First of all, I’m pretty sure one African woman is stronger than forty three American women. All day long, they sit on the ground (some have babies strapped to their backs) hammering rocks into smaller rocks. The men deal with the bigger rocks initially and then pass them down the line until what was once a slab of mountain becomes gravel. It was in this place that I was given about 17 seconds notice that I was going to present Jesus to these people. I almost started babbling my own silly words, but thankfully, by the power of the Holy Spirit I’m sure, I realized that this is war. What warrior goes to battle without a weapon? I borrowed the sword of the Spirit from one of my teammates and began to speak. It wasn’t really me who spoke though. All I know is that I shared that Jesus is the bread of life as it says in John 6. It was a surreal experience where I knew it was not up to me to get through to these people, but the Holy Spirit merely used my mouth to say what God ordained. This was a time that I was able to let go and let God be who He is. At this moment, I was sure of His every promise. That was probably one of the coolest parts of the trip, and of my life, really. I would love to live every minute of of my life waiting for the Holy Spirit to speak through me instead of saying my own, sometimes snide and sarcastic, words. Too often I speak without giving thought to what the effect of my words will be on other people.