by annadelaurier

Even though I’m not going through my mid-life crisis, my best friend, Laura, and I participated in my first sprint triathlon yesterday. There isn’t a great way to descirbe the feeling of a 56 year old woman passing me on the 18.75 mile bike ride telling me to “pump it.” Later, her chain came off so I stopped to ask if she needed help and she was like “no, honey, don’t let me hold you up.” About half a mile later she passed me again letting me know she fixed her chain. What a confidence booster. We all had our ages in permanent marker on our calves. Other numbers that passed me on the bike were 49, 37, 46, and 51. My 19 year old legs just couldn’t pedal as fast, I suppose. My three goals of the race were to not stop, make it under two hours, and to finish the race. I conquered all three, fortunately. I even got fourth place in my age group, which was unexpected. If I must be honest though, I have to say that there were only three other girls I was competing against. Laura got to stand up on the podium for making third, which was exciting. I regret not training as well as I should have, but I feel pretty good about being able to even do it with the amount of training I did. I was on top of the world as received that astounding burst of energy out of nowhere I sprinted across the finish line.

I have never done anything so physically challenging, and it’s exciting to know what I accomplished. That said, I would also pretty much be fine with never doing another one, but I may depending on how motivated I feel. This makes me think of how I want to challenge myself more. Not only physically, but mentally, spiritually, and intellectually as well. Life isn’t worth living if everything is easy all the time. That’s part of the reason I want to be a nanny full time in a couple months; it definitely is not going to be easy. Living in a new city on my own in itself will be difficult. I’m looking forward to making decisions and being responsible for myself. I’m also looking forward to meeting different types of people and growing into the person I want to be. I saw my new apartment for the first time yesterday and actually moved some of my stuff in. It hit me that it’s actually happening and I’m thrilled.