Almost 2am

by annadelaurier

I suppose it isn’t a good sign when I can’t fall asleep even after taking melatonin. My mind is filled to the brim with thoughts, concerns, worries, plans, ideas…. It hasn’t been this bad for years, but before when I was sleep deprived, my head spun with discouragement, sadness, numbness, anger, disappointment, and loneliness. At least that isn’t the case anymore.

Something interesting…research inspired by Kristian Canler.

Complex of Non-Love to One-Self

The complex might be caused by possible traumatic experience concerning one`s own appearance, which was unfavorably judged by the others, especially the close people, whose opinion is the most valuable.

  • The ungrounded perception that one doesn`t merit the love of others and, therefore, one`s own love;

  • The extremely low self esteem;

  • The rejection of the possibility that somebody might like this person;

  • The neglectfulness towards the personal care;

  • The careless attitude towards one`s own destiny.

‘The Complex of Non-Love to One-Self’ is, indeed, one of the most widespread complexes in the modern world, which, however, might not be recognized and be well concealed from the others. The complex only provokes the unnecessary sufferance, which can be avoided owing to a practical psychological assistance. In this case, the courses of the elevation of the self-esteem will be of high effectiveness.


I’ll end this with a lovely song:
Sufjan’s “To Be Alone With You”