Sales Rep?

by annadelaurier

I began training as a Rookie Sales Representative at Vector, a company that sells Cutco cutlery. I’ve never seen someone so passionate about knives before my branch manager walked us through six and a half hours of information about how to sell them. It really is an impressive product. The knives are like none other in the world, literally, and they are definitely the most valuable, yet not most expensive, you can buy in the United States. The method we use to sell is not that of a telemarketer or door to door salesman, either. We only meet with people who have been recommended to us by people we trust and schedule an appointment in advance. The reason Cutco is able to price products not so expensive is because we use this method of direct selling, so there are no middle men to be paid.
This may not sound exciting to many, and I wasn’t thrilled going into the interview, either, but I believe this job will teach me so much about myself and about how to truly work hard. I will also have the opportunity to meet bundles of different people each week.

Here is a good article about the company from the Wall Street Journal from 2008:

 I suppose this is not going to be my most interesting post on here, but it’s all that is on my mind at the moment.