by annadelaurier

I’ve loved to read for years, but this past school year, I lost some of that passion because I never felt I had adequate time to devote to reading for pleasure. For some reason, I have associated a certain amount of guilt with reading anything not school-related, during the academic year, and this uncomfortable feeling often carries over to vacation time. Now my summer is wide open (mostly) and I have been devouring pages and pages of books I have been meaning to read for years. I have decided that reading is not a waste in the least bit and I should devote time to it. So I made a giant stack of books on my desk and shelves and have a list that I will go to the library to find soon. Self-education seems so much more appealing than sitting in a classroom.

On another tangent, my very favorite local coffee shop, my second home, Jittery Joe’s, has agreed to let me sell my poetry at the counter. Terrifyingly thrilling. The money will go to my trip to Uganda as well as Mission Year. Hopefully this fundraiser will be successful, but more than that, it’s neat that I will have an opportunity to share myself with people in the form of art that has the potential to connect all kinds of people.

Speaking of connections, this morning my best friend of six years, Laura, called me at an ungodly hour to tell me that she was coming to my house with some Jittery Joe’s coffee and we were going to get flowers and put them on people’s cars in the parking lot at Wal Mart and Cracker Barrel. Our hope is to brighten at least one person’s day and let them know there are people who care about other people. Although I was rejected directly by a Cracker Barrel waitress, I believe someone will appreciate it. I know I would. We then decided to bring my sister, Elizabeth, a gluten/wheat/soy/dairy-free treat at Athens Regional where she works as an RN because she wakes up early the majority of her days to care for sick, often unhappy, people. We brought fruit and muffins (for her coworkers) and she seemed to be very pleasantly surprised. None of these things will necessarily change a person’s life, but it is a beginning to the attitude I desire to have of going out of my way to enrich another person’s life, even if it seems insignificant.